We're the Diamond in your Tackle Bag! Salty's wood lures are your source for stripersonline!

We're the Diamonds in your Tackle Bag!
Hand-Made Wood Fishing Lures, Block Surf Tins, Striper fishing Lures, Wood Surf Plugs,
Fishing Lure Kits and Lure Building Hardware / Complete Plug Building Supplies

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Wooden Fishing Lure Building Kits
for Saltwater & Freshwater Fishing

Simple assembly, most lure kits require only hand tools. Easy to paint and finish.
Save a load of money vs buying off the shelf at sometimes inflated prices. Salty's makes it easy!
We give you the lure kit pictorials on our website and our free lure forum offers you
a place for tips, tricks, ideas, and to share pictures with others!

Topwater Kits

Checkout Salty's 6 pack!

Kits include all parts except for split rings & hooks

See this link for complete assembly pictorials!

Lure Paint here

Need extra lure parts? We also carry a full line of DIY lure parts too including our new lure paint!

Most selection of kits and lure parts at the best quality anywhere in the world!

We put quite a bit of work into these to make them
the BEST possible wood lure kits.
Our fit and finish and how they work is second to NONE!
The feedback we receive shows!

"Love your lures so far. Little Blabber mouth is the best casting plug I own."

"My Boys and I put together some of your plugs this year and had a lot of fun.  They were really proud of theirs when finished. 
They were also excited when I caught a 30" bass on the 1.5oz swimmer while fishing with them on Thanksgiving morning."

"I just received 4 plug kits from you and the quality by far exceeds my expectations. They are just beautiful."

"As always, incredible kits, great craftsmanship…thanks again for some fun a great plug kits!!!"

"Really great products, have had plenty of success with the canal special up in
chatham MA this past summer. Keep up the great work!"

"You guys have me hooked !"


"My son and I were at IBSP on Monday night and nailed the Bass just after sunset on Salty's black needles (kits)
with teasers off the back of a sand bar.  Drew (11 yrs old) got 5 - 30" bass in about an hour and a half.
We're still smiling..."

* Denotes Most Popular  
  1.25 Oz Topwater Glide Bait
* 2 Oz Topwater Glide Bait

1 Oz Pencil Popper Kit

  1.25 Oz Bottle Popper Kit
  1.5 Oz Bottle Popper Kit
* 1.25 Oz "The Deputy" Pencil Popper
  1 Oz Little Big Mouth Popper Kit
  1.5 Oz Peanut Plooper Popper Kit
* 2 Oz Pencil Popper Kit
* 2.5 Oz "Canal Special" Pencil Popper Kit
* 3 Oz Pencil Popper
  3.5 Oz The Sheriff Pencil Popper Kit
  5.5 Oz GT Popper Kit

Needle Kits

* 1.5 Oz Slim Needlefish Kit
  1.5 Oz CHARKTAIL Needlefish Kit
* 2 Oz Wad Needlefish Kit
* 2 Oz Sandeel Stubby Needlefish Kit
  2.5 Oz "The Rat" Needlefish Kit
  2.5 Oz Jointed Needlefish Kit
* 3 Oz Needlefish Kit
  5 Oz Canal Monster Needlefish Kit
  2.5 Oz syBiL Needlefish Kit

Swimmer Kits

  1 Oz Lightbulb Swimmer
  1.5 Oz Midget Swimmer
  1.25 Oz Egglet Swimmer
  2 Oz Egglet Swimmer

35lb bass taken 06/07/08 on a prototype surfster kit
Camera-phone picture-rotten quality sorry

Micro Kits
 .75 Oz MicroWad Needle Kit
.75 Oz Micro Plooper Popper Kit NEW!
.75 Oz Micro Spook Kit
 7/8 Oz Micro Cuttyhunk Popper Kit

3/8 Oz Micro Pencil Popper

3/8 Oz Micro Blabbermouth popper

Click here for complete kit pictorial instructions

Also Tips & Suggestions for finishing kit lures
can be found on this page.

PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE GUIDES ONLY and Salty's reserves the right
to make changes to kits/lures at any time.
Kits are just that. They are NOT finished lures.
Kits will require some minor sanding usually on the ends
to clean up any residual marks etc.
Some kits may be need to be re-drilled through belly weights
as part of normal assembly.

Wanna catch BIG FISH?
All our lures are time tested and proven!

  2 Oz Mac Pikie Style Metal Lip Swimmer Kit
  2.5 Oz Tallywhacker Swimmer
  2 Oz Sandeel Swimmer
* 1 Oz Lil Bugger Surfster Style Swimmer
* 1.5 Oz Little Troublemaker Surfster Style Swimmer
* 2.5 Oz Big Troublemaker Surfster Style Swimmer
* 2.5 Oz Danny Swimmer
* 2.5 Oz Torpedo Danny Swimmer
  4 Oz Mac Pikie Style Metal Lip Swimmer Kit 
  4 Oz PIKIEZILLA Giant Jointed Pikie Swimmer

Trolling Lure Kits

  3 Oz Slope Head Swimmer Kit
  M80 Swimmer Giant A40 Swimmer

Classic Series Kits

* 2 Oz A40 JR Metal Lip Swimmer Kit
  2 Oz A40 JR Eelskin Swimmer Kit
  2.25 Oz A40JR Jointed Swimmer Kit
* 2.75 Oz A40 Style Swimmer
  2 Oz Conrad JR Metal Lip Swimmer
  2.25 Oz Conrad JR Jointed Swimmer Kit




Some of you may remember I lost a very good friend back in July of 2011, someone who was near and dear to me and taught me alot in my business. His name was Jim Brown, most won't know him, some of the old timers in plug building might. Jim started Plug Builders Supply many years ago and supplied fishing lure kits, lips, all kinds of stuff via a mail order catalog. 20 years ago he was THE guy to go to for lure building stuff. Many got their start with Jim's stuff. Time went on and he stopped selling components but still did alot behind the scenes. When I first got into making lures I bought alot of stuff off him and over time Jim became a friend who I talked with almost every day.  I still remember our last conversation. It was never said but I think we both knew it could be the last. Several weeks went by that I didn't hear from him and he was doing some new cutting edge chemo treatments.  He was pretty sick and I had told him I wouldn't bother him but call me if he felt well enough to talk.  He passed shortly thereafter of a Glioblastoma which is a cancer of the brain stem. Same thing Teddy Kennedy died from.

Since he passed there hasn't been too many weeks or days that I don't think of him. Honestly it's been hard doing alot of things he taught me because of the good memories and conversations we shared..I think of him literally every time I power up my lip press.

Several weeks ago FATE happened. Something as simple as riding my motorcycle to Home Depot and getting stopped in the parking lot.... 

I come out of HD to....Hey are you that Salty guy who makes the fishing lures? Turned into a chance meeting of his son Jim on his motorcycle. Jim recognized me and waited til I came out.  He mentioned that he had a ton of stuff set aside at his house for me that his dad wanted me to have and we would get together soon. 

Today was that day. 

Since our chance encounter I have been thinking alot about this trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff and I came up with an idea and passed it by Jim jr.. he liked it as much as I did..and it's going to happen. Very soon you will see a limited amount of kits that we will be selling all in honor of Jim. 100% of what these lures sell for will be made a donation the Dana Farber Cancer Center Brain Tumor Fund where he was treated.

  3 Oz Fathead Bottle Swimmer Kit
* 3 Oz Danny Swimmer Kit
  3 Oz Slope Head Swimmer Kit
  1 Oz Little Buggereno Kit NEW!
  2 Oz Dahtah Kit
* 3 Oz Dahtah Kit
  4 Oz Conrad Sr Metal Lip Swimmer Kit
  3.5 Oz Cowboy Jr Metal Lip Swimmer Kit
  4 Oz Cowboy Sr Metal Lip Swimmer Kit

Lure Kits

3/8 Oz Freshmouth Popper
  1.25 Oz Topwater Glide Bait
  5/8 Oz Micro Scuttlebugger Kit
  5/8 Oz Dart n Shart Kit
  5/8 Oz Micro Spittlebugger Kit
  3/4 Oz Little Buggereno NEW!


2 Oz Scuttlebugger Kit
  1.75 Oz Shuttlebugger Kit
  2.5 Oz Sputterbugger Kit

Hand Carved Lure Kits

2 Oz FB Deep Diving Swimmer


1.5 Oz Sharp Eye Lure Swimmer
  Jack Frech Style BABY Banana Lure
  Jack Frech Style Banana Lure


Jim Brown Specials

100% of the proceeds of the sale of these kits will be donated to the Dana Farber Cancer Center Brain Tumor Fund in Jim's name.

Ltd Edition Kits, Once gone they will never be available again!
  Jim Brown Eelskin Kit
  Jim Brown Jointed Swimmer Kit
  Jim Brown Jointed Eely Kit

What our customers have to say:

"Thanks for a great product I just enjoy doing these kits w/o having to buy all the tools."

"My brother and I recently purchased 10 kits from you.  
I want to compliment you on them.  Nicely finished, consistently shaped, and all the parts necessary.
I am thrilled with them.  I will be back for more."

"The 5 I ordered were delivered yesterday. This is what I've been looking for.
Your customer service and shipping time is the best. Thanks from a very satisfied repeat customer"

"Not a lot of action along the surf today!!!! Well the new lures and the lure kits I bought will at least keep me thinking about this past season’s surf fishing and next season to come.
I bought a couple popper kits from you earlier this year, finished them and used them in the surf on the cape during the summer and early fall and then along the south coast of Rhode Island from mid fall to a couple weeks ago.
Although my lure finishing skills were not the best it didn’t seem to bother the fish. The poppers cast great, have good action and most importantly to me float at rest which is why I looked at your product.
Most of the new plastic stuff sinks and has to be worked too fast to keep the plug on the surface. Not the way I’ve had success over the past 40 years striper fishing.
On the surface where you can manipulate the action of the plug by the tip action of the rod has worked for me. Your lures do just that. A very good product."

"I ordered a package from you 3 days ago.
It came yesterday. I was so impressed
that I am ordering more!!!!!! Thanks"

"Love your products my boy and I have a great time making lures all winter."

"my son loves your lure kits/loves fishing"

"My husband is nuts for these lure kits"

"I love your lure kits"

"What a season I had this year in Maine and Mass. All from the shore with all Salty Lures I made myself.
It was fun to make them to my own specs and then use them to catch fish in all kinds of situations.
Keep up the good work and keep producing quality products."

"Where did you hear about us?: friend with a 30+lber caught on your lure!"

"Thanks again for putting these great kits together.  Here are the latest to fall victim to the Canal Special, all black gloss enamel finish…what a great feeling to catch fish using baits you finish yourself!!  A 46 inch musky and 35 inch northern pike. 
The orange and black top water also turned up 18 and 22 inch largemouth and a 42 inch musky on its first outing.  We will definitely be ordering more kits for my group of 12 before we make our planned trip to Lake of Woods for a fall musky outing!!"

"I purchased a tally wacker and a charktail needle kit from you last winter and they turned out great. I was very satisfied."

"I'm a totally satisfied repeat customer"

"I really like your kits"

"Missed the run of big Striped Bass this spring because of scheduling problems but was able to catch some gorilla sized bluefish
on the 9 inch poppers I purchased from you over the winter! I have them weighted heavy and they cast a mile yet still float!
The blues gobbled them up even without a retrieve sometimes! This was my first attempt at lure building and I must say it has been
not only a great success but a great way to pass the cold winter, when I’m not out on the ice fishing. "

"Just as a side note my first batch of plugs are finally finished.... some came out great some "well lets just say that epoxy final coat is not my best skill" boy did I goof up a few plugs.. but I will sand them down and start again...
but Today for the first time ever I took out to the beach 4 of the finished plugs that came out well and test swam them at the beach to see how they swam...
Scott one thing I do want to say to you is that it is obvious that you have put a lot of time into properly designing and weighting these plugs..
the big mouth squid popper has an action like a pencil and a regular popper and makes a major commotion on the water... The tallywackers swam great and the regular squid popper was weighted to dance perfectly...
Even though there was no fish it is obvious that when there are present fish that these plug will get assaulted... great job Scott, Ive been surf fishing 40 years now and I know a good plug...great job..
Nice going buddy, these plugs have a lot of RD in their design... and it shows in their great action..."

What the fish have to say:

"The kits are perfect every time. It allows the maker to get quite creative.
I have had more fun this year getting ready for the season.
Thanks for the time and effort you put into making an excellent product."

"I love your kits, Top notch, every time I go to buy a lathe I come here instead. VALUE++++++"

"My order arrived today. I am extremely pleased. Great Kits"

 "I do want to tell you if you haven't heard, the new Salty Wadd kit was a success in Cuttyhunk last weekend. It accounted for the majority of fish on this moonlit evening.
This plug was painted in a copper hue. It outfished the rest of the plugs that were thrown side by side. I personally love the size and shape. Different than the norm."

"You make a really great product, and I will be making another order after the new year"

"Scott, just got the last batch of kits, they look great
These are a real asset to city dwellers like myself who LOVE tinkering with fishing stuff, but don't have the room or time to turn their own plugs.
Some will be given as gifts and the rest will be Christmas gifts for myself!"

"Great plug kits for my son who is 8 years old"

"Thanks great kits!!!!"

"Your products are terrific. Thanks for the fun making them."

More Kits being added on a regular basis!

First Kit, First Striper, First Cast!



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