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We're the Diamonds in your Tackle Bag!
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Plug & Lure Building Hardware / Wood Lure & DIY Lure Building Supplies

Wood Lure Bodies Lure Building Parts Kits Saltwater Metal Lips
Salty's Lure Paint Lure Building Parts Kits Freshwater Lexan Lure Lips
Lure Eyes Lure Kit Assortment Pikie Style
Plug Grommets Vinyl Hook Protector Tubing Danny Style
Grommet Spacers Rattles Lefty Style
Pre-bent Stainless Thru wire Propeller Blades A40 Style
Magnum Screw Eyes Buzz Blades Surfster Style
Lead Lure Weights Buck tails Conrad Style Lips
Rosco Crane Swivels Tail / Head Finishing Cement Scuttlebugger Lips
Krok Stainless Swivels Curly Tail 8" Magnum Grubs Aluminum Lure Lips
Split Rings Bill Hurley 7" Sandeel Tail-small size excellent for small swimmers!
Fish Scale Netting Bill Hurley 9" Sandeel Tails-great for swimmers and needles! Wood
Holographic Fish Scale Tape Tools Cedar Squares AYC/Alaskan Yellow, Port Orford, Red Cedar
Flaptails / Charktails Knipex Round Nose Pliers New! Wood Lure turning squares Yellow Birch & Soft Maple
Bearing Beads Freshwater Sized Round Nose Pliers
Cup Washers CHOPPERS!
Hooks VMC Freshwater Treble Hooks Split Ring Pliers
VMC Saltwater Hooks-Treble/Siwash Precision Knives/Knife Sets/Replacement Blades
VMC Buck Tail Dressed Hooks Vega Style Diamond V Carbide Indexable cutting bits
VMC Feather Dressed Hooks Epoxy Brushes

Paint Brushes

  Drill Bits

"This is a great site, I am living in Northern Vermont and love striper surf fishing. I have been making my own plugs, but always had to improvise on hardware.
I bought several of your surf plugs and was impressed with quality and materials used. Best made in USA. Look forward to being a long time customer"

If purchasing parts for resale or use in lures to be sold, you must supply us with a current IRS Form 637 Sportfishing Excise Exemption
or we automatically add Federal Excise tax to your order.


This guy uses our lure parts to make his own poppers for kayak fishing! Great video!


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